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August 11, 2013
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Forgive me for being so blind by Zaphy1415926 Forgive me for being so blind by Zaphy1415926
Now here's something more your speed, everyone!

I listened to Lullaby for a Princess on repeat for hours, this was the result. Intended as somewhat of an apology for the last portrait of Celestia I posted on here, good heavens that was awful.

I've been sitting on this almost completed thing for a few months now, finally finished it tonight. :D

Edit: Woohoo, made it onto Equestria Daily! Thanks so much, whoever submitted it!
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OMG!!! THIS IS LIKE THE BEST PRINCESS CELESTIA DRAWING EVA!!!!!!! (mostly because i don't see any, LAWLZ, but still, THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!)
the2princess Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
love the pictere in to my fouvertis! 
Sad but excellently drawn. 
Awesome work.

I like the way you drawn the wings and the emotion seen on her face and eyes.
zoey-pie Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, great job!

You paid a lot of attention to detail in this piece, which shows to great effect.  The feathers in the wing are very detailed, and together look not unlike the wing of a swan.  The ear is also amazingly well done - instead of just leaving the ear at the one or two lines used in the show, you decided to give it a more realistic appearance, and showed how it was actually shaped.  By doing this, you are able to convey a lot more emotion through the ear than you would otherwise be able to do.  And of course, her expression is excellent, filled with a great sadness over the banishment of her sister.

The shading is also excellently done.  The crown and necklace have a metallic shine that looks great and stands out nicely.  The shading on Celestia's body and face are soft and quite well done.  The highlights in her hair are quite good - using a yellow to outline the cooler colors in her mane help them stand out more.

There is one thing that bugs me in this piece - Celestia's nostril is angular and flat-shaded - it is simply a half-circle with a single tone.  In this piece, with so much attention to the details, such a geometric shape does not look right.  Similarly, the use of a flat tone surrounded by tons of gradients and blending stands out too much.  Also, while everywhere else, Celestia's mane is outlined in yellow, there is no yellow outline between her ear and crown.

These are the only problems in an otherwise perfect piece.  This is a great work of art, and you should be proud of it!
Hey, thanks so much for the detailed comment and I appreciate the critique! The nose was more or less a stylistic choice (the shape occured accidentally early on in the piece and I left it because I didn't want to mess it up). Now that I look at it though it does kind of mismatch the rest of the painting. And I totally forgot about that portion of her mane! Whoops! Thanks so much for pointing those out to me :) I love comments like these so much!
Really nice! :) (Smile) 
She's amazing! :D
Awesome job on this!
I can really see her pain through this. Dude, you're awesome.
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